We are New Song Church in Port Perry, Ontario.

Take Our Community Survey

Thank you for participating in our community survey, to help us get to know you and this neighbourhood even better. 

1. What do you like best about this community? What makes this a good place to live?

2. What are up to three needs you'd like to see met, that could make life better in this community?

3. What advice can you give to a new church that really wants to be helpful to people in the community?

4. In your opinion, how can a church help families deal with today’s pressures?

5. We would like to pray for you and your family. Are there any prayer concerns you have we could pray for?

OPTIONAL: Would you like us to follow up with you about working together to serve the community? If so please include your name and contact information.




To thank you for completing this survey, we would love to give you a free modern translation of the Bible. Would you like to receive one? Yes No 

Please leave this field empty.

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