We are New Song Church in Port Perry, Ontario.

Each Sunday there are classes for Primary (JK to Grade 2) and Junior (Grade 3-6). Nursery is for 3 and under. 

On the first Sunday of the month, the Primary and Junior Sunday School classes join with the rest of the community as we worship together at 10 am. Parents are encouraged to bring their children to this event! This service is usually followed by a Potluck lunch.

At New Song Church we focus on making our time on Sundays with the kids fun but ultimately life-changing. Our curriculum is designed especially to equip youth to meet the challenges they face in school, sports and life. And ultimately, and most importantly, to introduce them to the God who loves them.

Faith though, is taught best and modelled strongest in the home. That is why our leadership team is committed to equipping parents and care-givers to bring their children’s Sunday morning experience forward into the rest of the week. We provide resources and encouragement to help create a family’s devotional life (even if that only happens every once in a while), and practical helps like conversation starters to help you speak to your child about the love of Jesus Christ.

New Song’s youth philosophy is that our attention is on nurturing our own youth, but also youth who may not have a church home. That is why New Song provides healthy, fun activities for the entire town.




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